ISO 12647

As GNG offset, we have formed within our company the test printing of system, calibration and trainings and the equipment investment necessary according to ISO 12647 International Printing Standards. With this system we are able to provide quality at ISO 12647 standards in all stages of printing from preparation of design to finishing of printing.

ECI – icc Profiles

There are 5 types of standard paper which can be used in offset printing and it is necessary to work with icc color profiles published by ECI to be able to process the same data in the proofing machines and at the stage of design of transformation of appropriate color and total ink amount to be applied according to these types of paper.


Calibration Screen

It is necessary to have a screen that is according to norms of ISO 12646 in comparing the proofing and real print with the image prepared and in application of adjustments and corrections with the colors of images, to do an accurate color separation of images to be printed.    

The Angle of View must be appropriate; the user must be able to perceive the image on the screen in same colors from different angles; image should not change colors according to angle of view.   Therefore with the purpose of determining the appropriateness of screen; the hue, chrome, lightness and gradation measurements of screen are realized with the spectrophotometer.

Appropriateness of the homogeneity of screen on the other hand forms another criterion and for that the determined test patches are viewed on the screen and get measured through spectrophotometer.